Leader of Cult of the Dragon Mage


Known enemies: Mage’s of Saruun and Merstline in Constrint.

Known history: When Eldrin was young, he sought to become a Mage of Saruun in the Seven Pillared Hall. He apprenticed many years. He was surpassed by another apprentice named Merstline who was inducted into the inner circle of the Mage’s of Saruun.

Shortly after, Eldrin was approached by Paldemar who promised to show him how to reach his full potential much quicker. Eldrin figured once he had more power, the Mage’s would want him to join for sure. As Eldrin grew in power, he rose in the ranks of the Cult of the Dragon, who worshiped the God Nafidius. Once Eldrin became an Elder in the cult, he learned that Nafidius was in fact not a God, but a wizard who took the title of Nafidius. With years of planning, Eldrin was able to dethrone and kill Nafidius, the current Nafidian, and all remaining elders of the cult. Once Eldrin took over, he claimed the title Nafidius and put his own followers in power. After some time, he decided to overthrow the Mage’s of Saruun. Unfortunately for him, he underestimated how powerful Merstline had become. With Merstline’s power, the Mage’s were able to hold off the attack but many of the seniour Mages were killed. The next in line was Merstline. Merstline took it upon himself to sacrifice himself to take Eldrin to another realm, and he could not return as long as Merstline stayed away as well.


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